Previous and existing clients who enjoy peace of mind
“I worked with Marcus Mitchell and I am thoroughly impressed with his willingness to help me and how well informed he is with the laws of Virginia. He got me in very quickly with my situation being urgent, was very attentive and knowledgeable. Very personable and easy to communicate with, I became extremely comfortable with him immediately. He went above and beyond to do research on anything he may not have been entirely certain on being my situation was something out of his wheelhouse. I’ve never sat down with a lawyer before who made me feel like he was completely at my defense and was ready to take charge and assist me with whatever necessary. I would easily recommend him to anyone in the area and will continue to work with him with any legal problems that I may experience in the future.”
Samantha F.
"I’d highly recommend Marcus to anyone seeking legal advice. He’s very knowledgeable and really takes the time to listen to your needs and concerns. He is also very quick to respond and gives great advice on what the next step should be and really walks you through the process. I came to Marcus so lost on what to do and he’s been extremely helpful the entire time and even after everything was handled he’s still there to answer any questions. I’d give Marcus more than 5 stars if I could."
Katlin C.
“Marcus Mitchell is a phenomenal lawyer. He is incredibly smart, dedicated, knowledgeable, and an honest broker. He pours passion and tenacity into his craft. I actually switched lawyers throughout my process, and I’m so glad I went with him. I was impressed with how he briefed and organized his argument in court. He came well prepared, well researched, and I can tell how much he cares. He’s exceptionally responsive and on top of it. I enthusiastically recommend him.”
Victoria P.

Highly Recommended Professional

"Patrick came highly recommended and I was not let down. He handled the very messy details of my divorce stipulation with expert finesse and an in-depth understanding of the challenges I was facing. He approached the entire situation with logic and reason and ensured I understood the best options after all avenues of approach were considered. He is down-to-earth and exhibits detailed understanding for each unique situation. I cannot say enough great things about Patrick, and I highly recommend him to anyone facing any legal actions."
S. S.

Thorough and Well-Prepared

“I have retained Mr. Maurer on two separate occasions. Both situations he was extremely professional, kept me informed of the process and made a strategy to represent me and win. He is thorough with the facts and comes well-prepared to court. He is definitely the attorney you want to represent you when the outcome matters!”

Extremely Knowledgeable and Dedicated Professional Staff

“Mr. Maurer provided outstanding support over the last three years during my custody, expenses and visitation trial. Extremely knowledgeable with regards to divorce in Virginia - responsive, timely and effective. I am extremely pleased with the outcome of the trial. He works at Pender and Coward as part of a team of three with Richard Garriott and Naveed Kalantar - they were recommended from my previous attorney who became a judge - I cannot thank them enough and would recommend them to anyone who had a contentious or concerned about their divorce or has an issue with custody.”

Prompt and Professional

“To just say Patrick knows what he's doing would be an understatement. He is well versed, acquainted and connected within the Hampton Roads justice system and family law. I can honestly say that without his expertise my life would be drastically worse than my current status. Over the past three and half years Patrick has represented me through, as he put it “a monster of a case” between me and my ex-wife where I was being falsely accused and then arrested constantly. Though weathering the storm was hard and along with my career and family taking massive hits at times I never had doubts he was my guy to get me through it all, and so far I've had every charge and false accusation dismissed and my career is getting back on track. If you've ever been on the other side of the court from him then you probably don't like him, but if you're looking for a lawyer who knows his stuff and has sound judgment, advice and most of all poise, then this is your guy. He's always returned my calls and texts promptly and never left me hanging. It's said you get what you pay for in an attorney and while fees are not cheap...having Pat there was definitely worth it.”

A Real Attorney, With Real Values

“Patrick knows the law and how to utilize it to best benefit his clients. He is up front, doesn’t pull punches, and is brutally honest because us as clients need to hear the ugly truth. He is aggressively strategic to uphold the position of his clients within the law. If you want an attorney that will go the distance with you, through the ups and downs, even when the cards are stacked against you - he is your man! I don’t know where to begin...I was involved in a contested divorce, married to a vindictive spouse addicted to shopping and alcohol, and questionable if the last child was mine. Being a service member in Hampton Roads, I was already behind any power curve. My ex created a plethora of false allegations (a shotgun effect) hoping one would stick, in an effort to extort me into an unreasonable alimony settlement and alienate me from the children. My divorce took six years, as my ex’s attorney(s) would recuse themselves as they found out about the falsehoods of the allegations - still Patrick stood by me through the toughest days of my life. Eventually she was found guilty to falsifying allegations and the courts entered an Order of Injunctive Relief against her. Patrick is going to be brutally honest with you. He is not going to tell you what you want to hear while holding the opposing counsel accountable for their client. He will tell you the truth and fight for your best interest!”

Great, Caring, Family Law Attorney

“I consulted with Patrick before hiring him to represent me as my divorce attorney. During the consultation it was clear to me Patrick was not only well-versed and a knowledgeable attorney, but he was caring about my personal health and well being and that of my children as well. I immediately hired him and he gently walked me through some of the toughest days of my life. Patrick stood strong in court and was a terrific and firm negotiator during all proceedings. I would highly recommend anyone to consult with Patrick before talking with anyone else. He will walk alongside you and stand tall for you even on the days you feel like you can't by yourself.”

Highly Effective in Handling My Case

“I asked a friend, who worked with the Virginia Beach court system, for a recommendation of a family attorney. My friend said the best attorney she has seen in the court is Richard Garriott. Based on her recommendation, I hired Mr. Garriott and have been completely pleased with his work. My case is difficult with several complicated circumstances. He has been able to handle the challenges of our case and he has been highly effective. I have appreciated that he clearly communicates the legal process and our options, and I think he has shrewd judgment. He has a very commanding presence in the courtroom and it seems clear he has the respect of the judge. I am glad to recommend Mr. Garriott to others.”
Sean Farrell

Extremely Effective Advocate

“Richard represented me in a child support case. He recognized immediately that a court filing by my former spouse for more money should be dismissed with prejudice. He filed a motion to dismiss, argued for dismissal at a short hearing, and the judge dismissed the case. Clear-thinking, energetic, and courteous, I recommend Richard highly.”

Real Life Saver

“On the recommendation of one of his colleagues, I reached out to Rich for help in my divorce and child custody battle. My wife had been planning the divorce for several months, and was way ahead, catching me flat-footed in a state we had just moved to. Child custody disputes are a difficult situation for anyone involved. Being a loving father, the system is often stacked against us for the fair and equitable time sharing of children. Rich immediately stabilized the situation and prevented my ex-wife from moving my child out of state against my will. Rich quickly responded to every question I had, no matter how mundane, and his vast family law experience put him several steps ahead throughout the process. I can't thank him enough for his contributions during my divorce and eventual custody settlement. I would highly recommend Rich to any father in a similar situation. He was a true difference maker.”
February 7, 2021

Highly Recommended

“Richard and his team were able to take a very volatile and complex situation that required great compassion, knowledge and negotiation skill to come up with a solution. This became a settlement that was fair for all parties and I am thankful for his efforts.”
November 24, 2020

Excellent Attorney

“From the first consultation I knew Mr. Garriott was different and I hired him immediately. I was looking for a new attorney after not having a good experience with my first one and could tell this was going to be better right away. He’s friendly, compassionate and sympathetic during challenging times in your life. I’ve worked with Richard for a few years now and have appreciated all his help. He is quick with responses and listens to his clients needs. In what can be a chaotic and emotionally draining situation, he created a safe space for me to feel like we would get things done, while keeping realistic expectations of the process throughout. I highly recommend Richard!”
June 6, 2020

Extremely Supportive

“I hired Mr. Garriott to represent me in a very difficult contentious divorce and child custody case over three years ago. He and his staff were extremely supportive and have a three for three record - three court trials and three extremely successful outcomes. Children's expenses, changing visitation schedules, custody issues, difficult opposing attorneys and the multiple appeals - he and his staff have and will continue to receive my highest recommendation. Passionate and knowledgeable about the law and doing what is right - I would recommend him without hesitation for the most complicated cases. Words can not express the gratitude for all that he has done for my family and our new normal. If you need a divorce lawyer in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake or Suffolk - you need to hire this attorney!”

Professional and Tenacious

“Richard and his associate Naveed worked closely with my husband and I for almost two years. We had quite the family case with every variable and screwball thrown our way. But Richard never backed down, no matter how complicated or drawn out it became. Ultimately he helped guide us through the hardest thing we’ve ever been through. He maintained his professionalism and helped me maintain control (even when it wasn’t what I wanted to hear, but for my own good legally) he and Naveed both did a fabulous job not only protecting me but my child in the courtroom. What we managed to accomplish in court and with finalizing our child’s step parent adoption is something my family will be forever grateful for. We rest a little easier now knowing our family is “complete” in the eyes of the law. And we really have Richard to thank for that!”

Could Not Ask For Better Representation

“Just as most baseball games are either won or lost before the players ever take the field, the same is true for our case. I say “our” because my case became just as important to Mr. Garriott as it was to me. Mr. Garriott's preparation for my case ensured a victory before we ever stepped into the courtroom. I wish I could find the words that would accurately reflect the awesomeness of his supporting staff. Mr. Garriott assigned a paralegal and two other supporting attorneys to assist in the preparation of my case. This aided in keeping my costs as low as possible and allowed for tons of knowledge and experience to be interjected into working my case. My case was a motion to modify custody and was a data giant. For the previous three years I had been diligently documenting every possible detail and gathering every shred of supporting evidence of my ex's attempts to alienate me from my children's lives. My case was further complicated by the geographical separation as I live several states away. I met with Mr. Garriott over the phone for our initial conversation before hiring him to represent me. Immediately after our meeting he went to work on my case. He and his team remained in close contact and kept me posted every step of the way. The day before our hearing Mr. Garriott laid out his game plan and described each possible outcome for the hearing. He defined what his grand slam would look like and I can assure you that Mr. Garriott hit his grand slam that next afternoon. I went from only seeing my children a couple times a year to having sole custody of them. The total cost was a little steep, but when you are fighting for your kids no cost is too high.”

Outstanding Representation

“I retained Mr. Garriott for a difficult custody/visitation case. He and his staff stayed in touch with me while the case was pending, responded promptly when I had questions and concerns, kept my fees and costs to a minimum, and negotiated a thoroughly satisfactory settlement. Plus, he's a really nice guy!”
March 15, 2017

Confident, Capable and Commanding

“I recently required legal representation for a change in child custody and subsequent support determination. I met with Mr. Garriott in his office after a brief telephone interview and was pleased when he accepted my case. We immediately went over the facts involved with the case; discussed some options and set some minimum expectations. Naturally we also discussed the most desired outcome and he helped balance that with a sense of both optimism and realism. In addition, he shared some of his own personal experiences and assured me that my circumstances were not that unusual.

My case was further complicated by the fact that I resided out of state, but again Mr. Garriott left me with the reassurance that my travels would be minimized and representation would suffer no negative impacts. Nothing could have been more accurate; he worked my case closely and was neither intimidated by opposing counsel or the requirement to present my case in court outside the city in an adjacent county. Additionally, he divided tasks within his office to minimize my expenses and itemized his bills accordingly. His support team was equally professional, worked all assigned tasks and kept open communication with me throughout all preparation and proceedings. Mr. Garriott was prompt, professional and conducted business with a pronounced confidence in court and in the office. He even was successful petitioning the court to allow telephonic representation for me in an effort to minimize my travel expenses. The case was resolved with the best possible outcome thanks to Mr. Garriott and I highly recommend him to anyone else that may need a family law specialist."
October 31, 2015

You Will Not Be Disappointed

“Mr. Garriott has represented our family for the past 8 years. My husband, and later myself, were awarded custody of my (step) daughters. These were two separate cases, meaning the girls have different mothers. Mr. Garriott was always up front and realistic with us. Later in the case, we were awarded supervised visitation for one of the girls. He was exceptionally professional and always advised us in a way that was best for the children. I would highly recommend him, and have several friends who are faced with custody issues. You will not be disappointed!”

Highly Recommended Divorce Attorney

“Naveed was the primary point of contact for my divorce and child custody battle. Child custody disputes are a difficult situation for anyone involved. Being a loving father, the system is often stacked against us for fair and equitable time sharing of children. Naveed was relentless in his pursuit of fairness. He quickly responded to every question I had, no matter how mundane. Naveed always seemed several steps ahead in the process. I can't thank him enough for his contributions during my divorce and eventual custody settlement. I would highly recommend Naveed to any father in a similar situation.”
February 7, 2021

Outstanding Attorney

“I hired Mr. Naveed Kalantar from a recommendation from my office attorney. I am extremely delighted and pleased with that decision. His knowledge of the law, cooperation, timeliness, efficiency and success rate have been outstanding. No question goes unanswered - always within 24 hours. He provides the facts and what will win in court. His advice is always what is the law and will win in court - not emotional. I have been divorced for over 8 years. Three years ago I found myself in a position to go back to court after the divorce to “fix” the custody agreement and visitation. I hired Naveed and his team of three attorneys at Pender & Coward. Best decision! Naveed is my primary attorney but the resources and law knowledge of the team cannot be understated. They all support each other and give excellent legal advice, recommendations, as well as make timely court filings, keeping my best interest as well as my child in the fore-front. Children's expenses, changing visitation schedules, custody issues, difficult opposing attorneys and the multiple appeals - he and his staff have and will continue to receive my highest recommendation. This past week we headed back to court to change my child's visitation schedule - the results were amazing - I couldn't have hoped for a better outcome. Extremely delighted and thankful. I am thankful every day that I hired Naveed. I continue to retain him due to the excellent legal services he and his staff provide. If you need an attorney in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake or Suffolk - hire him!”

You Will NOT Regret Working With Jennifer!

“After beginning the long, emotional process of a divorce and custody battle, I was referred to Jennifer Fuschetti and am so thankful for that referral! Jennifer walked with me step-by-step through a 2-year long, very nasty divorce and custody battle. Jennifer is professional, friendly and incredibly intelligent. Throughout the 2-year process, Jennifer kept me informed of what to expect at each step. She was always very thorough in her answers to my questions and always gave me straight answers about my personal situation. There were no surprises - Jennifer always gave me a realistic understanding of what I was facing. She made herself available to me during off hours when my situation got messy. The whole process was very stressful and upsetting but Jennifer had a way of minimizing those feelings and making me feel in control. She treated me like I was a longtime friend or family member. I knew that I was her top priority and she was doing anything and everything she could to get a positive outcome for both me and my children. Jennifer is well versed in the law, overly prepared for any situation, well spoken and overall just a nice person. Jennifer has a soft spoken and humble demeanor but she knows the law well and had no trouble standing up for me and what was right in my case. Her focus was always on what was best for me and my children. I highly recommend Jennifer Fuschetti to anyone in need of a family law attorney. You will not be disappointed.”

They Stood By Me Through The Toughest Days Of My Life

“Richard Garriott & Patrick Maurer know the Law and how to utilize it to best benefit their clients. They are up front, don’t pull punches, and were brutally honest with me because as a client I needed to hear the ugly truth. They were emotionally intelligent while being aggressively strategic to uphold my position within the law. If anyone would want an attorney that will go the distance with you, through the ups and downs, even when the cards are stacked against you – Rich & Pat are it! I was involved in a contested divorce, being a service member in Hampton Roads, Inference had already put me behind any power curve. My ex-spouse created a plethora of false allegations (a shotgun effect) hoping one would stick, still Rich and Pat stood by me through the toughest days of my life. Richard Garriott and Patrick Maurer are going to be brutally honest with their clients. They will not tell you what you want to hear, they will tell you the way it is while holding the opposing counsel accountable for their clients as well. I feel that Rich and Pat will always tell you the blunt truth and fight for your best interest!"

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