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Personalized attention and dependable expertise for legal issues involving family disputes

We work closely with families to ensure the protection of their rights.

When the integrity of a family is dissipating or when parents are getting involved in stressful custody disputes, it is important to call our Newport News and Hampton family lawyers. We have an extensive understanding of the complexities of family law, legalities of distributing marital estates, and valuation of properties and investments. Our approach to each case is hands-on and personalized so we can effectively guide you through emotional and complicated court proceedings.

What sets our law firm apart?

Compassionate practice

We look out for your best interests and will take the time to know you and your unique circumstances.

Unwavering commitment

We are here to provide legal support until we reach the goal of getting the appropriate legal outcome.

High-quality representation

Let our team of lawyers with a proven track record of excellence advocate for your rights and safety.

Our practice areas

Whether you are separated or contemplating separation, having the right attorney by your side providing you with advice based on experience and knowledge of the law is crucial to achieving your goals and expectations.

The Garriott Maurer, PLLC legal team can help you navigate state requirements and streamline the complicated paperwork that adoption involves. We can act on your behalf and take care of all the onerous tasks of adoption.

The Garriott Maurer, PLLC attorneys understand that you want the best for your children and be able to look after their well-being when legalities have ended. Therefore, our lawyers will help you secure a parenting plan that is in everyone’s best interests.

Letting our divorce lawyers review, draft, and negotiate the separation agreement to protect your rights and assets is the best way to take a calm, measured approach to divorce. It allows both parties to avoid wasting time, money, and effort in a contested divorce.

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