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Adoption is the process when a child is legally and physically separated from their birth parents and placed with new parents. Adoption assigns the legal, financial, and emotional responsibilities to the adoptive parent(s). In Virginia, a child can be placed in the care of an agency, such as a private child placement agency or child protective services, a state agency. The rights of the birth parents are terminated and the agency consents to the child’s adoption.  The other option is for the legal guardians or birth parents of a child to consent to the adoption, and their parental rights are then terminated.  

A family also has the option of adopting through the agency. For non-agency placements, a child’s birth parents select the adoptive parents. However, it is not always a straightforward process. Virginia requires a six-month home residency period before an adoption can be finalized. For children who are fourteen years of age and older, their consent is required. Anyone can seek to adopt a child, but married individuals are required to obtain the legal support of their partner in order to adopt. A common adoption is a stepparent adoption whereby a birth parent of a child consents to the legal adoption by the child’s stepmother or stepfather.

Adoption can be a lengthy and complicated legal process, even if by agreement, and anyone seeking to adopt a child should hire an attorney. The experienced attorneys at Garriott Maurer, PLLC can assist with your adoption needs.

We can help you with the following types of adoption

In the state of Virginia, the law allows for two types of placements for adoptions. Our lawyers can help you choose the right option and can guide you through the entire process.

This type of placement involves social services or a licensed child placement agency. When a child’s parents have surrendered or lost their parental rights, a child may end up in the custody of the Commonwealth or an agency. They then serve as the intermediary between biological and adoptive parents and require their approval of the petition to finalize the adoption.

In a non-agency adoption, you need to submit a petition to the court to legally end the biological parents’ rights or obtain the parents’ consent. This is especially common when a stepparent seeks to adopt a spouse’s biological child or when one seeks to adopt a child from abroad.

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