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We will defend your parental rights and ensure the best for your children.

No parent wants to expose their children to the stress and pain of a custody dispute. The Garriott Maurer, PLLC attorneys understand that you want the best for your children and can look after their well-being when legalities have ended. Therefore, our lawyers will help you secure a parenting plan that is in everyone’s best interests.

We can help you with the following types of child custody

The Virginia Code mentions terms such as “shared,” “split,” and “divided” custody but they lack proper definition in the Code. Therefore, there are only two primary types of custody: sole or joint.

In joint legal custody, both parents have responsibility for the child’s physical, emotional, and moral development and all the decision-making it entails. Although both parents may share legal custody, there is also the consideration of whether one or both parents will have physical custody. For example, if one parent has primary physical custody in joint legal custody, the child stays with one parent but both parents decide on essential matters. If the court awards shared physical custody, the child divides time between both parents.

Although less common in Virginia, situations that will call for one parent taking on all responsibilities and decision-making for the child include:

  • Parents not communicating or agreeing with each other
  • A parent attempting parental alienation
  • There is child abuse involved
  • A parent unreasonably blocking access or visitation rights to a child

Our team of child custody lawyers will help:

Reduce stress

We will take care of all the legal complexities so you can focus on adjusting to a new life.

Speed up resolution

We will minimize issues related to paperwork that will only delay court proceedings and resolution.

Eliminate costly mistakes

Avoid hefty fines when you make mistakes in fulfilling legal requirements by yourself.

Meet our attorneys

We offer expert consultation and representation from knowledgeable, experienced attorneys who will tenaciously fight for your rights, no matter the circumstances of your case.

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